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Return Code Vsam 108

If this does not work, rerun the job in a larger partition. To VSAM, however, the file is not really open, so close disposition processing does not take effect when the file is closed. And depending upon the specific changes, you might have to add a new level of index to the exported file, and so forth.In other words, attempting to change an exported file X'4E' 078 Return Code=08 Action=OPEN A catalog management error was detected during implicit delete. weblink

X'68' 104 Return Code=04 Action=OPEN The timestamp of the volume on which the file is stored is lower than the system timestamp in the file's catalog entry. the edited record has restored without any error.but when i tried to insert a new record into the backup PS file and during restoration using IDCAMS IMPORT i'm getting an error.(snapshot Follow the directions for the error messages that is issues. If this error is issued to a program using the ISAM Interface Program, the job is canceled.

Return Code=08 Action=Request One or more VSAM processing phases cannot be loaded because the virtual partition being used is too small. QSAM files (ordinary, sequential, flat files) can be made to return a code to you, if you wish. Do not specify REPLACE under these circumstances.

If a relative-record file was being accessed, VSAM may have detected a deleted or invalid record (empty slot) at the accessed record location. X'47' 071 Return Code=08 Action=OPEN Allocation specifications for implicit define conflict with the file characteristics specified in the DLBL. X'B4' 180 Return Code=08 Action=OPEN An error occurred in opening a catalog or CRA. Return Code=08 Action=Request An attempt was made to store a record with a duplicate key, or a duplicate record was found for an alternate index with the UNIQUEKEY option, or a

Rerun the job. PROGRAMMER ACTION: This access to the data is allowed, but there are errors in the catalog structure that you should find. X'4F' 079 Return Code=08 Action=OPEN A catalog management error was detected during implicit define. Updating is not permitted.

GET UPD ADR is requested but ADR was not specified on the ACB when the SHAREOPTIONS(4)KSDS was opened. PROGRAMMER ACTION: Probable job control error. X'44' 068 Return Code=08 Action=OPEN The file to be opened has a name which begins with "DEFAULT.MODEL.". Reset specification can result from MACRF = RST in your ACB, open disposition of NEW, or close disposition of DELETE in your DLBL statement.

PROGRAMMER ACTION: Change your application program to avoid attempts to open an ACB that is already open. great post to read The DTF implies a CI format file but the file is NOCIFORMAT. PROGRAMMER ACTION: Rerun the job when there is less concurrent activity in the system. Rerun the job.

Rerun the job. The RECLEN was not equal to the slot size specified for a relative record data set. NOTE: VSAM provides an IDUMP of the region containing the VSAM control blocks, provided the SYSDMP is assigned. X'1C' 028 Return Code=00 Action=Request The record retrieved by a GET-with-no-updata may be a duplicate of a record in another CI.

The extent information in the catalog entry may not agree with the extent information in the volume's VTOC. For shared resources, WRTBFR was issued, but: TRANSID was greater than 31,or The shared resource option (LSR) was not specified, or The LSR percentage value was not between 0 and 100. IDC0005I NUMBER OF RECORDS PROCESSED WAS 12 IDC3003I FUNCTION TERMINATED. PROGRAMMER ACTION: Consult with your system programmer to correct the problem.

Return Code=08 Action=Request Not enough buffers are available to process the request (shared resources only). For sequential processing, this error code is set on for only the first record of the CI. The error may be caused by such conditions as VSAM finding an unformatted record when expecting a formatted record, a volume containing data other than that expected, or an I/O error.

VSAM and QSAM File Status Codes/keys from IBM manual Printout of SQLcodes for DB2, Version 7 SQLcodes SQLCODES for DB2 Version 8 from the IBM manual GC18-7422-0 04/06/05 Abend codes /

Save the dump you obtain and the SYSLOG output for later problem determination. However, if you do check the code for QSAM files, they return a subset of the codes shown below. dbzTHEdinosauer - you are correct it is created with a different type of compress. PROGRAMMER ACTION: Change your program to specify MACRF=OUT in the ACB if you want to process empty files.

If not, then repro will not work? Non-CI format files are supported only by SAM access (DTF). MAXIMUM CONDITION CODE WAS 0 Listcat information for the Input Tape Dataset ----------------------------------------------- IDCAMS SYSTEM SERVICES During implicity deletion, the operator will be requested to authorize deletion if the expiration data previously specified for the file has not passed.

Return Code=08 Action=Request The RECLEN value specified in the RPL was one of the following: Larger than the allowed maximum. Make sure that your DLBL statement specifies a file-id which you know is a SAM ESDS. Return Code=08 Action=OPEN Extent block processing failed. Return Code=08 Action=Request A request other than sequential or skip sequential PUT to insert record was issued during initial loading of the file, or a request other than PUT insert was

Return Code=0C Action=Request VSAM fail to write sequence-set records of an index. Return Code=08 Action=Request VSAM encountered end of file (during sequential retrieval), or the search argument is greater than the highest existing key (or relative record number) in the file. X'0C' 012 Return Code=00 Action=Request Issue a WRTBFR macro because there are no more unmodified buffers into which to read the contents of a control internal (shared resources only). The request would cause a sequence set record to be allocated whose RBA (within the index component) would be greater than 64511 multiplied by the size of the index control interval.

Return Code=08 Action=Request VSAM detected a record out of sequence in a key-sequenced or relative-record file (possibly a duplicate key or record number). Some data control intervals could not be used in the control area that was split. PROGRAMMER ACTION: Restructure your program so that fewer files are open concurrently. CONDITION CODE IS 12 Explanation:You have defined your VSAM with Record length ,say (15 15) You are trying to do REPRO from a dataset with Different LRECL Solution: Create a flat

The record may contain segments at different update levels. X'A1' 161 Return Code=08 Action=OPEN User buffers (ACB MACRF = USF) has been specified with keyed or addressed access; user buffers can be specified only with control interval access. The RECLEN field of the RPL shows the length actually moved to the work area. X'DC' 220 Return Code=08 Action=OPEN ACB MACRF = LSR (local shared resources) is specified, but the control interval size of the file being opened is greater than the larger buffer size

Specify the SYS EXTENT = command to increase the amount of space allocated for extent blocks. X'09' 009 Return Code=04 Action=COMM The work area provided in the program is too small to generate the requested block(s) or list(s) for GENCB or SHOWCB.