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I believe that the main issue is with the wording of account number structure valid or not valid.thanks Top Operations Compliance #1237092 - 08/21/09 02:41 PM Re: Use of Intuit and QuickBooks are registered trademarks of Intuit, Inc. This typically happens if there is a technical problem during processing that causes transactions to be submitted incorrectly. X Assisted Payroll Support (888) 712-9702 Call Free: 6am - 6pm PST, M-F Close Directory of ACH Return Codes The Return Codes and NACHA Definitions included below are all quoted directly

If this action is taken,please contact Vericheck. R13Invalid ACH Routing Number NACHA Definition: Entry contains a Receiving DFI Identification or Gateway Identification that is not a valid ACH routing number. R05Unauthorized Debit to Consumer Account Using Corporate SEC Code NACHA Definition: A CCD or CTX debit Entry was transmitted to a Consumer Account of the Receiver and was not authorized by What it Means: A paper check was converted to an ACH transaction, and was also submitted in paper form to the bank for standard processing-- thus the same payment was processed

Ach Correction Codes

NACHA Return Status Codes Status values starting with the letter R are NACHA specification reject and return reason codes that indicate that the consumer portion of the payment has been returned Explore more ACH Return Codes R34 - R84 State Allowed NSF Fees Contact Us Contact Info Phone: 404-872-4585 Stay Connected! If you have just received an email from Intuit regarding an unsuccessful direct deposit or payroll debit with a return code, refer to the list of return codes below to identify If you have not yet shipped the goods or provided the services covered by the payment, you may want to wait to do so until you have confirmation of a settled

When you do, be certain to use the proper ACH Type for a personal bank account and NOT the “CCD” type. (See Appendix A: Authorizing Transactionsfor detailed information on ACH Types.) R21 Invalid company ID number The company ID information not valid (normally CIE entries) R22 Invalid individual ID number Individual id used by receiver is incorrect (CIE entries) R23 Credit entry What it Means: The bank account you entered cannot be used for ACH Payments. Neft Return Reason Code R05 If you decide to take this course of action, please contact PaySimple Customer Careto obtain a copy of the statement your customer submitted to the bank—you will need this document to

You will see this error if your customer notifies the bank that a check they wrote was converted to ACH in addition to being processed normally. Ach Transaction Codes What to Do: Contact your customer for a different bank account, or for another form of payment. The bank will then “return” the ACH transaction and refund the customer's account, or will simply not process the duplicate transaction. Contact your customer and resolve any issues that caused them to claim the transaction was unauthorized, then have your customer call the bank and remove the block on transactions your company

Some fields that are not edited by the ACH Operator are edited by the RDFI. R29 Return Code If you decide to take this course of action, please contact PaySimpleCustomer Care to obtain a copy of the statement your customer submitted to the bank-- You will need this document What it Means: Your customer submitted a signed document to the bank stating that the transaction was not authorized, or that the transaction was entered for an amount different than the R34Limited Participation DFI NACHA Definition: The RDFI's participation has been limited by a federal or state supervisor.

Ach Transaction Codes

You can ask the customer for a different form of payment, or ask to debit a different bank account. from bankers Register Log In Training Store Forums Newsletters Forms Regulations Tools Services Search form Search this site Home ComplianceNew Top Stories Compliance Related Sections Training Compliance Tools OFAC Updates Deadlines Ach Correction Codes You can re-enter the returned transaction again with proper authorization from your customer. R05 Return Code Then contact your customer and resolve any issues that caused the transaction to be disputed or the schedule to be cancelled.

R08 Payment Stopped or Stop Payment on Item The Receiver of a recurring debit transaction has the right to stop payment on any specific ACH debit.  The RDFI should verify the his comment is here The RDFI should use this code with extreme care and should be aware that if a file has been duplicated, the Originator may have already generated a reversal transaction to handle If you see this code, be certain to do your due diligence around verifying the identity of your customer. What to Do: Immediately suspend any recurring payment schedules entered for this bank account. Ach Return Time Frame

Any credit entry that is refused by the receiver may be returned by the RDFI.ACH Return Code R24 - Duplicate entryDescription: The RDFI has received what appears to be a duplicate R10 Customer Advises Not Authorized; Item Is Ineligible, Notice Not Provided, Signatures Not Genuine, or Item Altered (adjustment entries) For entries to Consumer Accounts that are not PPD debit entries constituting Unfortunately, there is no dispute resolution available to you within the ACH Network. this contact form Any additional transactions you attempt to process against this account will also be returned unless your customer specifically instructs his bank to accept them.

What it Means: Your customer’s account was sold to another bank but the Customer Record in PaySimplewas not updated with the new bank information, so the payment you processed was sent Rtgs Return Reason Code List R21 Invalid Company Identification The identification number used in the Company Identification Field is not valid.  This Return Reason Code will normally be used on CIE transactions. The system does not support the ACH Transaction types used with paper checks.

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One of the key benefits to Dwolla’s ACH API solutions is that we handle the process of returns and corrections for your business so you don’t get stuck with the headaches of However, you may also see this code if OFAC has frozen the account or the individual payment due to suspicion of terrorism-related activity. (OFAC stands for the Office of Foreign Assets What it Means: There were insufficient funds in your customer’s account to complete the transaction. Ach Sec Codes This is an “unauthorized” return code, and will result in your account being assessed the ACH Chargeback Fee. (See ACH Chargeback Return Codes.) You cannot re-submit this transaction.

OR The RDFI determines that a stop payment order has been placed on the item to which the PPD debit entry constituting notice of presentment or the  PPD Accounts Receivable Truncated Then contact PaySimple Customer Careand inform them that the block has been lifted. Return Type: Extended Return, with 60 Calendar Day Return Time frame. navigate here You can also contact your customer for a different form of payment, or ask them for a date when the account will contain funds so that you can manually submit the

R01 Insufficient Funds NACHA Definition: The available and/or cash reserve balance is not sufficient to cover the dollar value of the debit entry.