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Class Row Method Getrowset Scroll Is Invalid


sort_fields A list of field and order specifiers which act as sort keys. bindvalue Specify optional bind variables to be used with the WHERE clause. The SaveEdit program from the derived record doesn't even bring the derived record fields in, so the edits are not working. By the way, my code in in page peoplecode. his comment is here

This means dates equal to the current date, but not future dates. Please, If you care's to know me as-well,the feel free to write me back. HRS_INTEVAL_WRK does not fill that requirement. These methods can be used to map the sort view to the buffer, to map the buffer to the sort view, to retrieve the first user-sorted row, and to retrieve the

Class Row Method Getscroll: Parameter 1 Is Invalid

This function is often used to clear a work scroll before using the Select method. General documentation and help section. I was able to access the value using Kishore's solution. If this method is being run from a component against Component buffer data, the next time default processing is performed, this value is reinitialized to its default value: either a default

Check your page order for this grid main record. I don't believe you can have a WRK table as the main record of the scroll. Here's a screenshot: This can mean a few different things depending on the context of the error, but in my example, I was trying to use GetRowset with the scroll context You are not logged in.

The purpose is to use the input fields from the derived records and some of the fields from the view to create new records in a table. Class Row Method Getrecord Record Is Invalid But there are couple of ways to do this. Rows that are flushed are not deleted from the database. You're now being signed in.

Steven Davies replied Mar 31, 2010 Sreenivas jumped in the direction I was leading you. Sign In to post unmoderated comments. If you feel a blog entry is inappropriate, click here to notify Toolbox for IT. The rowset executing the method does not have to be a level zero rowset, so the Select method can produce the functionality of both the ScrollSelect and RowScrollSelect functions.

Class Row Method Getrecord Record Is Invalid

This way, the component processor does not unnecessarily load data that it would just discard eventually. Start a new thread here 3408482 Related Discussions Class Row method GetRowset scroll JRNL_LN_IMP is invalid. (2,270) GL_JRNL_IMP.PROCESS.GBL.default... Class Row Method Getscroll: Parameter 1 Is Invalid See InsertRow. Class Record Method Getfield Field Is Invalid Example The following example hides the second level scroll if a value exists in the NO_COMMENTS field in the first level of the scroll.

If true, the last visible row is returned; otherwise, the absolute last row from the rowset is returned. this content Grid not displaying all data; Push button Peoplecode. Rowsets created using the CreateRowset function are standalone rowsets, not tied to the database, so there are no database updates when they are manipulated. Rowset Class; Row Class; Record Class; Field Class; Order of these classes will be Rowset > Row > Record > Field Ex: Standard form Local RowSet &Rs0,&Rs1. Getrowset Peoplecode

This is not a problem for SQL server, however, it can be a problem for DB2 UDB for OS/390 and z/OS and Oracle. Returns None. Guest replied Feb 28, 2014 Thanks Kishore. weblink Archive Category:PeopleSoft Keyword Tags: scroll peoplecode grid peoplesoft application engine GetRowSet Disclaimer: Blog contents express the viewpoints of their independent authors and are not reviewed for

FlushRow is a specialized and infrequently used method. See IsUserSorted. You can’t use this method with rowsets created using the CreateRowset function (use the Fill method instead.) Parameters paramlist An optional parameter list, for specifying children rowsets of the rowset executing

When a rowset is created using CreateRowset, it contains one empty row.

Would you please tell me how? Thanks, Derek Tomei DMT Solutions, Inc. For example, I want to combine a comment box and a drop down box into one grid column. If you want to discuss contents of this page - this is the easiest way to do it.

May be it is in level2. Thanks, Have a good one! Note: This method does not work with Application Engine state records. check over here SourceRecname Specify a record to be copied from, in the rowset object being copied from.

divitbox Sep 25, 2007 Hi Derek,Can you please send me the book "A Guide to Programming Object Scroll PeopleCode"i tried to open this link but unable to find it.your help in Please send me the code hope you will do jacksonforu Apr 8, 2007 hello,i just want to know how to add dat in table sql with one button,when you push on wherestr Contains a WHERE clause to restrict the rows selected from selrecord and/or an ORDER BY clause to sort the rows. GetRowSet Error H Thien asked Mar 30, 2010 | Replies (13) HRS_INTEVAL_WRK is the main record of the ?Interview Evaluation?

Local Rowset &RS1, &RS2; &RS1 = GetRowset(); &RS2 = GetRowset(SCROLL.EMPL_CHKLST_ITM); For &I = 1 to &RS1.ActiveRowCount If ALL(&RS1.GetRow(&I).EMPLOYEE_CHECKLIST.NO_COMMENTS) Then &RS2.HideAllRows(); End-If; /*other processing */ End-For; Related Links ShowAllRows Visible InsertRow Syntax Pls kindly reply me in this Email:([email protected]) this will enable me to send you my pictures and tell you more about me I will be waiting to hear from you Best The code is running from the first level of the scroll. please share the code ..

Returns A row object for the last row from the sort view (visible is true) or the absolute last row from the rowset (visible is false). This field is reset to its default value when default processing is next performed: If COVERAGE_ELECT = "W" Then &ROWSET.SetDefault(INS_NAME_TBL.PROVIDER); End-if; Related Links SetDefault Default Processing ShowAllRows Syntax ShowAllRows() Description ShowAllRows Parameters recname.fieldname Specifies a field. The same restrictions that exist for SQLExec exist for these variables.

Note: FillAppend reads only the primary database record. In addition, InsertRow propagates the keys from the higher level (if any) into the inserted row. If you notice, I am not creating a new Rowset.