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Failed With Abend A004

Module: IDMSDBMS Severity: 0 ABND1148 1148 Reason: The OR52 for the CALC set is not connected to the SR51of the record. JBV 96/08/16 . Severity: 0 ABNDXCLI XCLI Reason: An unrecoverable error occurred in IDMSXCLI. ABEND0C4 was in CA-1 module TMS0MODV which is in the OMODVOCA loadmodule. navigate here

Module: #UDASBCH Severity: 0 ABNDA104 Invalid request from RHDCUCFC. Module: RHDCOPER Severity: 0 ABNDOUTS OUTS Reason: Run Unit signon not allowed because front-end taskid is out of service. The region size should be increased. Module: UCFCICS Severity: 0 ABNDX012 X012 Reason: PUT to CICS temporary storage failed.

CA1 Fix: T5XD277. Module: IDMSDBMS Severity: 0 ABND1145 1145 Reason: An attempt was made to remove an index entry from an empty SR8. Module: IDMSDBMS Severity: 0 ABND1195 1195 Reason: A retrieval-only run-unit was about to go into a loop. UCF dedicated tasks and intermittent tasks must be associated with an interactive terminal.

Module: IDMSDBMS Severity: 0 ABND1157 1157 Reason: While walking an index structure, an attempt was made to read an SR8. The problem only occurs with PDSFAST, not regular IEBCOPY. RIDS data shows IGWAMES0. Problem was resolved by fix PR351P46 for ProSMS release 3.5.1 and is only applicable for DASD allocations. .

After the overlay, start getting thousands of msgIGD306I because every data set close goes thru CMM to collect SMF data. This can be caused by an invalid next pointer (corrupt database) or a subschema load module which does not match the database. Module: IDMSBCF, IDMSOCF, IDMSOCFX Severity: 0 ABNDBLOG BLOG Reason: An error was encountered using the Batch logging facility. Severity: 0 ABNDSTAE STAE Reason: A backend RUN UNIT aborted and the STAE exit was invoked.

This abend code usually indicates that the terminal has been idle for a period of time that exceeds the resource timeout interval defined for the back-end system. Module: RHDCD0ZU Severity: 0 ABNDS011 S011 Reason: RE-SINON - session numbers do not match. However there was no abort code associated with the aborted run unit so this one was assigned. Module: IDMSROLI Severity: 0 ABNDRPLA RPLA Reason: The VTAM SNA driver has abended due to an unrecoverable shortage of RPLs.

Module: RHDCD0ZU Severity: 0 ABNDE007 E007 Reason: ERUS FINISH failed. A possible cause of this error is a loop in the application program; the DCUF user trace facility may be helpful in detecting application-related problems. The user program is abended with system completion code EAE. Module: UCFCICS, RHDCDBDC Severity: 0 ABNDX002 X002 Reason: Invalid IDMS function code.

JFCBLKSI is unchanged. check over here This is caused by a DBMS logic error. This is caused by one of the following: A Presspack install error A buffer overlay The subschema specifies the wrong DCT for this record Module: IDMSDBMS Severity: 0 ABND1160 1160 Reason: The LSTN transaction will ONLY work if the sample is compiled without /DSTANDALONE_WITH_ECI.

Module: IDMSDBMS Severity: 0 ABND1196 1196 Reason: An attempt was made to initialize database procedure control blocks but the call time of the requested procedure did not match the current conditions Module: IDBMAIL Severity: 0 ABNDILTE ILTE Reason: Invalid LTE. Following sequence of messages are received when creating NL tape on 3480 drive : IEF233A M 0202,IMSCAR,,TSYDSR1A,STEP0700 IOS000I 0202,0A,NCA,02,0600,,**,,TSYDSR1A 0049242E000000200200(7161716100000000)0070(00000000)C78F3473004 IEC512I LBL ERR 0202, ,NL,IMSCAR,NL,TSYDSR1A,STEP0700 IOS000I 0202,0A,NCA,37,2600,,**,,TSYDSR1A 0049242E000000200200(7161716100000000)0070(00000000)C78F3473004 IEC999I OMODVOCA,TSYDSR1A,STEP0700 . his comment is here The most likely cause of this abend is attempting to run the job or started task in too small a region or partition.

The preceding message on the system log (DC027002) supplies the offset and PSW at which the error occurred. Module: IDMSDBMS Severity: 0 ABND1125 1125 Reason: An attempt was made to release a buffer lock on a BME that was not locked. When attempting to use the Secured SVC, additional possible causes are: Attempt to write an SMF record from the wrong protect key.

This is actually an IBM message and is only documented here as a special courtesy to our clients.

An attempt was made to schedule an IRB that was not on the approved list. This is actually an IBM message and is only documented here as a special courtesy to our clients. Contact Technical Support. This is the accepted answer.

Module: IDMSMSVC Severity: 9 ABNDSFAC SFAC Reason: z/OS only. Module: IDMSMSVC Severity: 9 ABNDSEAD SEAD Reason: z/OS only. JFCBELNM IS BLANKS INSTEAD OF GENERATION NUMBER FOR GDGs Using IEBCOPY PDSFAST to create gdg sms managed tape output datasets and redirecting them to disk by TMM results in the jfcbelnm weblink Altering the LIMIT of the number of generations of the 2nd or 3rd data sets stacked on the tape volume will have no effect on the number of generations of those

Module: RHDCPCTL Severity: 0 ABNDD003 D003 Reason: A program check has occurred during run-unit processing. Module: IDMSDBMS Severity: 0 ABND1140 1140 Reason: The DBMS is attempting to set the generic key in the NVCT for native VSAM but cannot find the right one. Module: IDMSDBMS Severity: 0 ABND1127 1127 Reason: An internal error was encountered while trying to modify data in a variable length record.