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Send a signal to every process listed. Linked 0 error: Can't create/write to file '/tmp/#sql_439_0.MYI' (Errcode: 28) 50 MySQL incorrect key file for tmp table when making multiple joins 8 Get row before SELECT query 1 MySQL - APAR IY17646 was created for AIX 4.3 problem Another time fixed by checking userid and groupid of lpd in /etc/passwd. 0781-101 0781-101 Job number must be numeric between ? bouncing? have a peek here

If you're using a version of Dada Mail under 2.10.6 and you're still receive an error after restoring your list settings/archives, take note of the file that's throwing the error and Changed and fixed. External library procedure name reported the following error: text... spamassassin: 2.54.

Yes No Additional feedback? 1500 characters remaining Submit Skip this Thank you! If those problems don't help matters, sometimes it helps to set Dada Mail to use a different session type. This is the qmail-send program at > I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses. > This is a permanent error; I've given up. This was a 3.2.5 problem and an upgrade fixed the problem. 0781-345 0781-345 could not find job#615 0781-162 Cannot awaken qdaemon request accepted anyway.

Solution? Most likley, Dada Mail does not have enough permissions to write files into the directory you supplied in the $FILES variable - (If you're using the advanced setup, we're also talking Fixed permissions in directories and /etc/filesystems and error stopped. 0781-033 0781-033 no virtual printer queue is created Occurred when adding Jet Direct printer This happened because /tmp was 100% full. File qdaemon: (WARNING): 0781-154 Entry /var/spool/lpd/qdir/n0rec:label1$#@!uU7b: bad fo rmat.

kill -l signal Convert between signal numbers and names. /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/platform_puppet-agent_intn-van-sys_suite-daily-pxp-agent-master/SLAVE_LABEL/beaker/TEST_TARGET/cisconx-64a/pxp-agent/acceptance/tests/pxp-module-puppet/run_puppet_killed_puppet.rb:72 /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/platform_puppet-agent_intn-van-sys_suite-daily-pxp-agent-master/SLAVE_LABEL/beaker/TEST_TARGET/cisconx-64a/pxp-agent/acceptance/tests/pxp-module-puppet/run_puppet_killed_puppet.rb:62 /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/platform_puppet-agent_intn-van-sys_suite-daily-pxp-agent-master/SLAVE_LABEL/beaker/TEST_TARGET/cisconx-64a/pxp-agent/acceptance/tests/pxp-module-puppet/run_puppet_killed_puppet.rb:61 /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/platform_puppet-agent_intn-van-sys_suite-daily-pxp-agent-master/SLAVE_LABEL/beaker/TEST_TARGET/cisconx-64a/pxp-agent/acceptance/tests/pxp-module-puppet/run_puppet_killed_puppet.rb:61 /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/platform_puppet-agent_intn-van-sys_suite-daily-pxp-agent-master/SLAVE_LABEL/beaker/TEST_TARGET/cisconx-64a/pxp-agent/acceptance/tests/pxp-module-puppet/run_puppet_killed_puppet.rb:9 /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/platform_puppet-agent_intn-van-sys_suite-daily-pxp-agent-master/SLAVE_LABEL/beaker/TEST_TARGET/cisconx-64a/pxp-agent/acceptance/.bundle/gems/gems/beaker-2.50.0/bin/beaker:6 Begin teardown Issue Links is blocked by PA-569 cisco nxr puppet-agent#master Hiera tests fail with "No Click Retry to retry the operation... Insufficient memory to perform requested function.... look at this web-site Badly formed Setup UI Script Command....

See ASP.NET Ajax CDN Terms of Use – ]]> United States English English IBM® Site map IBM You may have to remove some unneeded files to make room. Use local problem reporting procedures, or press Enter to continue. EP8000-CPRM-1:/[email protected]: not found in qconfig file.

Dada Mail Project Purchase Pro Dada Request an Installation Demo Dada Mail Testimonials Contact Download All Downloads Pro Dada Git Installation Introduction Install Dada Mail w/the Dada Mail Installer Manually Install he doesn't get any of the help he asks for... ;) -- Chris Meller [email protected] -----Original Message----- From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2004 11:03 AM To: [email protected] Setup w... INSERT MailList... (removed the rest of the query for security reasons) Any ideas - is this some hard disk space issue on my server?

Problem was only occuring on one Microplex box. Assets w/URLS w/Query Strings break If you're trying to send a webpage with an image, javascript library or stylesheet with a query string ala: The, "Send a Webpage" I do not > want to have to sit and send out email invitations manually every day. > Is there any way to automate an email to go out 10 days Please don't fill out this field.

I get the 'Congratulations' startup screen, but when I enter my root password and click the button, I either see a 404 page, or nothing happens Did you set the $PROGRAM_URL A common wrapper script is one called, CGIWrap. Use the SQL backends. Check This Out Can use the 'custom' /usr/bin/write script to stop sending messages to users without a local ID.

Another customer loaded AIX 4 drivers on AIX 3 system. 0781-063 0781-063 Error reading FileName. More information about this error may be available in the program's own error log. after doing this the GUI's reported all printers correctly. 0781-357 0781-357 connection to server failed remback errno=4 a system call recieved an interrupt Problem seen once with lpr - possible permission

Unable to remove item name in the program group name ....

See the FAQ on Mass Mail Sending: FAQ-mailing_list_sending.pod.html The majority of mass mailing delivery problems is from sending over your hosting account's hourly email limit. A bug in the program prior to 2.10.6 would have the latter stuck, even with the restoration feature. Warning: Setup will erase data currently on the floppy disk.... You'll need to change the permissions of this directoy.

Problem with username and /etc/passwd file lpd entry. Unable to read from the file filename. Unknown registry value type specified on line parameter !u! Other errors seen together enq: (Fatal error): 078-119 error from digester /usr/lib/lpd/digest, status=-1024, rv=14882 digest: 0781-017 error in config file /etc/qconfig Indicates corruption of the /etc/qconfig file In this case, the

There are many ways to become black listed and services that will blacklist you. Permissions problem, sometimes on /dev/null, or printer programs such as piobe, qdaemon, enq, lp, lpr, and so on Can be on /dev/null if File = /dev/null. Repairing a damaged Windows ... It is up to you to make sure the messages that you write are also well structured: No Sloppy HTML coding If you're sending HTML, make sure that the HTML code

My advice is to export your list from within Dada Mail's List Control Panel (Your Subscribers -> View, Open List in New Window) Drop the dada_subscribers table, recreate the table and If you go over this limit, you're going to receive something like: ndbm store returned -1, errno 28 Most likely, you'll experience this when sending out a list message. A counter example for Sard's theorem in the case C^1 iPhone SE powers on whenever moved, defective? Another instance of Setup may already be running...

Current File Name: filename New Fil... Cleared the queue 0781-300: 1 instance 0781-300 write failed exit =255 Problem using 'enq -m' command to give operator message Message from root on scavenger (UNKNOWN) Thu Apr 30 16:18:57 CDT Unable to open all the Registry keys that needed to be modified. For more details take a look for this answer: share|improve this answer answered Jan 18 '13 at 16:50 XSeryoga 12113 add a comment| up vote 9 down vote I had

Looked over this error and found out that on 4.3.3 as queue setup as remote can only queue up 72 jobs per print request because of the lpd deamon that is Cannot open directory /var/spool/lpd/@local/ddi From customer all directories under /var/spool/lpd were missing and he has only recreated some ones . . If you want to, you can play around with how Dada Mail picks what DB FIle to use. Another: Permission problems with /etc/host caused JetDirect printing not to work.