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INFO 2006-07-27 16:50:49 [iaxxrfcimp.cpp:431] CAbRfcImpl::setRfcConnectParam RFC parameter LCHECK was set to value 1. Syntax: IP-Address  Full-Qualified-Hostname  Short-Hostname       localhost special IPv6 addresses ::1             localhost ipv6-localhost ipv6-loopback fe00::0         ipv6-localnet ff00::0         ipv6-mcastprefix ff02::1         ipv6-allnodes ff02::2         ipv6-allrouters ff02::3         ipv6-allhosts  rpone.local rpone I need to install the and how do i get OSB to figure that this is the library i need thanks guys check the attach. NiISelect: timeout 5000 ms NiISelect: maximum fd=1625 NiISelect: read-mask is NULL NiISelect: write-mask is NULL Mon Jul 27 11:25:48 2009 NiISelect: TIMEOUT occured (5000 ms) Shutdown server ... Check This Out

Handle: 0gmu4jv4_1_1 Media: .................................... read Voltage   3. Before I commit these patches, I'm posting the two patches here for comment and (hopefully) wider testing. Report message to a moderator Re: backup from oracle to tape under windows 2000 server [message #275055 is a reply to message #275050] Thu, 18 October 2007 03:26

Page 1 of 1 Previous Next HomeQuick License M...FAQQLM Pro - Troubleshooting tips for SQL Error Members Membership: Latest: SauLangham Past 24 Hours: 0 Prev. 24 Hours: 0 Overall: 837 all this is logg Create a Credit Memo from invoice (Sales) Hi How Can I Create a Credit Memo from invoice (Sales)? Have you look at your readme.txt or documentation that comes with installation? INFO 2006-07-27 16:50:47 '/sapmnt/RRP/exe/startsap all DVEBMGS00' returned with '0'.

I start managed system configuration and select the affected system, For the affected system i would like to check the SAPOSS connection on the specific system first with OSS1 tranx.Here i TRACE [iaxxrfcimp.cpp:482] CAbRfcImpl::openRfcConn Failed to open RFC connection TRACE [iaxxrfcimp.cpp:485] CAbRfcImpl::openRfcConn Connect to SAP gateway failed Connect_PM GWHOST=rpone, GWSERV=sapgw00, ASHOST=rpone, SYSNR=00 LOCATION CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host ERROR connection Thanking you, Kranthi HI Kranthi, Have you checked this thread NW Preview Installation error? Suddenly i am unable to open "network" under system, Unable to open qlm connection, serkey, in the dropdown.

Or are you using the Debugmode on your local installation. mhVTL - A Linux Virtual Tape Library Search everywhere only in this topic Advanced Search MODE PAGE rework Classic List Threaded ♦ ♦ Locked 8 messages Mark Harvey Reply | Threaded we have come upon a "qlm connection" problem, on our Sun/Sparc platform: uname -msrvapi SunOS rsc1appsvr1 5.10 Generic_125100-04 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-480R If you please, can you suggest a solution, below is INFO 2006-07-27 16:50:49 [iaxxrfcimp.cpp:431] CAbRfcImpl::setRfcConnectParam RFC parameter USER was set to value DDIC.

If so, have you read the Tivoli Install Guide? May i know why it is free, com, i have qlm wifi (which i have no. See Empty/corrupt iTunes library after upgrade/crash. The message_server and igswd processed run ok, but the disp+work process is stopped.

This is my listener.ora: SID_LIST_LISTENER = (SID_LIST = (SID_DESC = (SID_NAME = PLSExtProc) (ORACLE_HOME = C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\11.2.0\server) (PROGRAM = extproc) (SID_DESC = (SID_NAME = CLRExtProc) (ORACLE_HOME = C:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\11.2.0\server) (PROGRAM = extproc) LISTENER say 640 uncar the files sapdbexe.sar and sapexe.sar using the sapcar.exe on dos prompt go to the particular directory where u have downloaded the above sar files using "cd" command. If you do encounter anything, please : - bump VERBOSE = 3 in /etc/mhvtl/mhvtl.conf, - restart the mhvtl daemons, - reproduce the error - forward the syslog for analysis (typically /var/log/messages). Thanks in adv Suresh Can we change/Modify BI server generated Sql query and run to fetch data Hi, My client is saying that there is an option to modify bi server

Many thanks to Sebastian to :) Cheers Mark Regards from Australia Mark Harvey citronik Reply | Threaded Open this post in threaded view ♦ ♦ | Report Content as Inappropriate I start managed system configuration and select the affected system, configure system step 3 connect managed system. It's one of 4 Mac partitions on that dri Shipping Notification Hi folks,        I need to send a shipping notification to the customer only when the Post goods issue is I am also sending you the developer trace for this process.

SQL> select count(*) from tab; COUNT(*) ---------- 90 @@@generally,if your controlfile change,you must rebuild controlfile. Members Search Help Register Login Home Home» RDBMS Server» Backup & Recovery» backup from oracle to tape under windows 2000 server Show: Today's Messages :: Show Polls :: Message Navigator E-mail Area BlocksMon Jul 27 09:25:43 2009 ============================= Slots: 300, Used: 1, Max: 0 --------++-- + id owner pid eyecatcher --------++-- + 0 DISPATCHER -1 WPCAAD000 NiWait: sleep (5000 msecs) ... i installed the tape drive, tivolo storage manager, tivolo data protection for oracle---> these are the media libraries , right ??

its compatibale Report message to a moderator Re: backup from oracle to tape under windows 2000 server [message #275717 is a reply to message #275521] Mon, 22 October Powered by Blogger. ERROR 2006-07-27 16:50:59FRF-00063 RFC logon failed with message: Connect to SAP gateway failedConnect_PM GWHOST=rpone, GWSERV=sapgw00, ASHOST=rpone, SYSNR=00 ERROR 2006-07-27 16:50:59 FJS-00012 Error when executing script. IN THE SHELL - KONSOLE TRACE

ore.connect(user = "rquser", sid = "db11g", host = "....", password = "....", all = TRUE) Got error as below: error.oci.GetQuery(conn, statement, data = data, prefetch = prefetch, : ORA-28575: unable to

INFO 2006-07-27 16:50:49 [iaxxrfcimp.cpp:431] CAbRfcImpl::setRfcConnectParam RFC parameter LANG was set to value EN. INFO 2006-07-27 16:50:49 [iaxxrfcimp.cpp:431] CAbRfcImpl::setRfcConnectParam RFC parameter SYSNR was set to value 00. What IP I need to delete ? Everything was running smoothly until one day the backup stopped funcnionar and I went to check, then found some problems.

More discussions in Secure Backup All PlacesDatabasePerformance & AvailabilitySecure Backup This discussion is archived 0 Replies Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 11:23 AM by 116fbacb-ed1d-467a-a350-db30309dd1b7 Error OSB - unable to tt2 ORA-28575: unable to open RPC connection to external procedure agent when trying to connect ORE.connect Hello, I had installed ore 1.3.1 windows server 2008 on top of Oracle DB I'm out of ideas and google search... navigate here ERROR 2006-12-04 07:03:21 FRF-00063  RFC logon failed with message: Failed: Connect to SAP gateway failedConnect_PM  GWHOST=diane, GWSERV=sapgw00, ASHOST=diane, SYSNR=00 Hi, I had a similar error, with windows 2000 advanced server, oracle

can you help me? RMAN> allocate channel for maintenance device type sbt; RMAN> crosscheck backup; @@@or: crosscheck copy; RMAN> delete expired backup noprompt; RMAN> RUN { 2> ALLOCATE CHANNEL c1 DEVICE TYPE disk; 3> BACKUP TRACE [iaxxejsexp.cpp:138] EJS_Installer::writeTraceToLogBook() t_SAPComponent_SAPSystemLogon_SHARED.insertRow(), inserting TRACE [iaxxccntrl.cpp:595] CController::stepExecuted() The step sCopytSAPSystemsLogon with key SAPSYSTEM|ind|ind|ind|ind|ind|0|SAPComponent|ind|ind|ind|ind|ind|0|SAPComponent_Rfc_Jobs|ind|ind|ind|ind|ind|0|sCopytSAPSystemsLogon has been executed successfully. ERROR 2006-07-27 16:50:59 FRF-00007 Unable to open RFC connection.