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Failed To Load Xml Data Into Document Object Litespeed

HCAPI:Optional parameters were added for SetMailboxAdvanceProperties method. Fixed:Where Poll Management menu was missing in click & install apps at reseller level. October 6, 2010 - v4.48 - Enhancement: Added more language key for the adminstrative area. - Bug: Incorrect HTML tag for Guestbook bug fixed. - Bug: Custom URL on thank you Version 5.6.18 04 Feb 2016Core: Added support for new HTTP 451 code.

Feb 19, 2013 - v 5.0.25 -Bug:Solved backup file for big project cannot be restored in RVSitebuilder interface. -Bug:Solved Guestbook doesn't display date. -Bug:Fixed Flash player doesn't show in preview mode. Resolution Extract the backup file into a native format and then restore using Microsoft SQL Server restore commands.Verify that the file is intact using EXEC master.dbo.xp_restore_verifyonly (addl. Sep 15, 2015 - v 5.4.16 -Bug: Remote Database Error while running RVSitebuilder Installation. -Enhancement: Added more bigger font sizes for content area inside NEWWYSIWYG. The issue has been fixed.

While adding any hosting services under a reseller for an existing webadmin now you may write webadmin name or first letter in the field and it will display the existing webadmin. Modified Implementation:Summary listing on home page will now display only those services which have been enabled in the HC Panel. Fixed:Where there was some issue with the ACL Adjustments.

Apr 4, 2016 - v 5.4.22 -Bug: Fixed Facebook plugin cannot display on page after published website. April 20, 2011 - v 4.72 -Enhancement:PHP 5.3 is now supported. -Bug:Resized the menu navigators to be balanced. -Bug:Fixed the user contact disappear from “User Control List” in RVSitebuilder Manager. -Bug:Solved Opcache: Fixed bug #70237 (Empty while and do-while segmentation fault with opcode on CLI enabled). Modified Implementation:Option to group same type of plans i.e Mail, VPS Hosting only Plans on the same page in Auto Signup template.

But the server already update RVSiteBuilder from WHM still have the pro Please enable JavaScript to run this help system! Fixed:Where HC was not able to show specific assigned MBX databases to a reseller while adding mail domain. Fixed:Where HC was unable to upload the files through folder manager if "www" folder was empty. Fixed bug #69472 (php_sys_readlink ignores misc errors from GetFinalPathNameByHandleA).

Fixed:Where HC was not able to list Mailbox user alphabetically on Public Folder Setting Permission page. This implementation is changed to improve the performance / page display time where large number of mailboxes exist in a single organization. Feature Added:On web site creation page now HC Displays External IP instead of Internal IP if NAT Manager is configured in Panel. For Linux Fixed:Where website move operation was not completing properly when Webspace path contained “www” (e.g : /var/www) Fixed:Where user was unable to login into a password protected awstat site.

MSSQL: Fixed bug #72039 (Use of uninitialised value on mssql_guid_string). Modified Implementation:Displaying existing AD Users in Alphabetic format while enabling Mailbox service on them. For Linux Fixed:Where HC was unable to add default.htm file with new Linux site creation. HCAPI:Where HCAPI AddMailBox method was not setting proper mailbox size at the backend in Exchange Server.

Fixed bug #68652 (segmentation fault in destructor). his comment is here Continue × Support Forms Under Maintenance Submitting forms on the support site are temporary unavailable for schedule maintenance. Fixed:Where SmarterMail 13.x maildomain was not creating if Number of Mailboxes was set to Unlimited in Hosting Plan. Fixed:Where DNS zone was not creating on 3rd DNS Server while adding DNS Only Zone record in Panel.

Fixed:Where Public Folder having same display name was not being added to second organization on Exchange 2016. Fixed:Where HC was displaying the same MBX database entry multiple times in DAG setup. Search All Articles About Us Company Partners Resources Knowledge Base Download Software Technical Documentation Training and Certification Professional Services Related AppAssure Licensing Portal Licensing Assistance Renew Support Social Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Fixed bug #64931 (phar_add_file is too restrictive on filename).

Fixed:Where HC Panel was not able to remove forward email address using Icewarp Mail Server. ODBC: Fixed bug #69354 (Incorrect use of SQLColAttributes with ODBC 3.0). Fixed bug #68166 (Exception with invalid character causes segv).

Fixed:Where New Click & Install Application was not being added in HC.

Fixed bug #72836 (integer overflow in base64_decode). If you have already registered your product then please contact Customer Service directly for further assistance at [email protected] Fixed:Where on Debian 6 with Xen4 a virtual machine disk expansion was not working correctly. If you need immediate assistance please contact technical support.

Fixed:Where sometimes HC sync service was not triggering awstats update. PCRE: Upgraded bundled PCRE library to 8.38. (CVE-2015-8383, CVE-2015-8386, CVE-2015-8387, CVE-2015-8389, CVE-2015-8390, CVE-2015-8391, CVE-2015-8393, CVE-2015-8394) Phar: Fixed bug #71354 (Heap corruption in tar/zip/phar parser). (CVE-2016-4342) Fixed bug #71391 (NULL Pointer Dereference Mysqlnd: Fixed bug #69669 (mysqlnd is vulnerable to BACKRONYM). (CVE-2015-3152) PCRE: Fixed bug #53823 (preg_replace: * qualifier on unicode replace garbles the string). navigate here Nov 3, 2014 -v 5.4 -New Feature: RVSitebuilder 5.4 Release Notes. -Bug: Fixed website Logo missing on Chrome browser. -Bug: Fixed photo albums cannot be listed in Photo Gallery page in

Fileinfo: Fixed bug #71434 (finfo throws notice for specific python file). Fixed bug #70019 (Files extracted from archive may be placed outside of destination directory). (CVE-2015-6833) SOAP: Fixed bug #70081 (SoapClient info leak / null pointer dereference via multiple type confusions). Fixed bug #69038 (switch(SOMECONSTANT) misbehaves). Lucia St.

Fixed bug #69892 (Different arrays compare indentical due to integer key truncation). Jun 06, 2013 - v 5.0.32 -Bug:Fixed file optimizer.php works incorrectly. -Pay attention:Security updated on WHM/RVSiteBuilder Manager, thanks to for reporting the issue. Fixed:Where Exchange Distribution List were showing in HC panel even after deletion. Fixed:Where Resellers were not able to set default unit size for a resource.

Fixed bug #73188 (use after free in userspace streams). January 12, 2011 - v4.60 - Bug: Publishing project with photo gallery on existing project bug fixed. - Bug: Unable to create custom design form bug fixed.