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Failed To Generate Printed Documentation Robohelp

If you regularly map your RoboHelp styles to one Word template, or just a few, save yourself the trouble of setting up the mapping each time. Click on Exploits Uncheck the Enable Script Stopper checkbox. Now it doesn't matter which way you access the dialogs, both options are available. The TechWhirl Archives and magazine, created for, by and about technical writers, offer a wealth of knowledge to everyone with an interest in any aspect of technical communications. Check This Out

Now you may just want the topics and no chapter but not want them all starting on different pages. I also built the Printed Documentation with those topics by selecting them in the Section Layout pane. Matthew Ellison is a respected writer who has given me permission to reproduce the following from his topic on Single Sourcing with RoboHelp X5. "One way to create the Word document Retain hyperlinks If you want your online hyperlinks to remain as active links in your Word document, select this option.

Click the icon to edit the document in Word. Using Screenshots in printed or .pdf documentation 12. Please reinstall printed documentation. Please install Microsoft Word before generating printed documentation.

She tested again and that established the problem only exists when the output is to Word 2003. Open McAfee Security Centre. When you need that mapping again, just right click and import it into another layout. That's it, you have your printed output so we can all go home.

To find out if this is the cause is quite easy. The topic had been created from a Word import and these two tags had been added by RoboHelp: As soon as I removed those tags This does not mean that you cannot nest tables and print, just that if you have a problem, then consider this as a cause. The created file only contained topic titles and instead of text there was a message "No Data".

Maybe someone can help me, that would be easier.   I would like to have a hyperlink, then when you click on it, it would open Outlook with an option to It requires that both the link and the target have exactly the same string. Take a copy of your project using Windows Explorer. As it turned out, I had installed this fix several months back .

Replace ALL the section breaks with page breaks. this page There the lists will work correctly but you may need to do some work to get the appearance as you wish! He found opening a RoboHelp for Word project fixed it. What happens here is that the document starts to print normally but after a number of topics are generated correctly, it then reverts to the start of the layout, duplicates some

When you re-open RoboHelp and try to generate the output again, RoboHelp says that the output is in use. his comment is here Note the images will then also appear in the document TOC. Leave the box as if you wanted to carry on typing so that the cursor is still flashing and click the Finish button. Sorry I can't help you further - I don't use any SC & I never create PDFs out of RH (FM is sooo much better at doing that!) Like Show 0

Good when you are printing double sided but not when you are printing single sided and want the numbers in one position. You can tick the Show All field so that all topics are shown and you can add excluded topics to the layout, they will be shown under Chapter Layout with grey For two decades, technical communicators have turned to TechWhirl to ask and answer questions about the always-changing world of technical communications, such as tools, skills, career paths, methodologies, and emerging industries. Update - RoboHelp 10 allows projects to be stored on a network.

Internal error encountered, Failed to generate Printed Documentation. Producing a Document The Wizard - Page 1 - General Double click the required print layout and the wizard will open as below. If that fails or you get the other messages, this link might be worth a try for X5 users.

Not a problem.

The real answer is clean up your code after importing from Word. Create the document in RoboHelp and choose the "Link to Document" check box. This topic is about what to do when things go wrong. You have effectively told it to use the style in the template rather than the source and there is only one version of the style there.

I'm in the process of working with my sys admin to look into this further. It may also be found in the non printing topics. Initially the reported problems were resolved by using the supplied Style Mapping template instead of the user's own template, even though no fault could be found with the user's own template. navigate here Think about which template you are going to edit.