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If you encounter the WaHostBootstrapper I'd recommend: Ensuring all dlls are set to CopyLocal = "true" (As indicated in this question) Remove any unnecssary references from the project Remove any references A: There is no way to control when an individual instance or service will be upgraded.  The upgrade is started on all Azure datacenters across the world at approximately the same time, However if you were deploying your application outside of VS using PowerShell then you have to install the extension separately through PowerShell.   There PowerShell cmdlets for managing the diagnostics extensions Approximately every month, expect your instances to reboot once for the Host OS update.  If you have automatic guest OS updates, expect your instances to reboot again.  These reboots are typically

Why Did This Just Now Start Failing? We can see in this case that our Startup.cmd startup task is exiting with a 183 exit code which WaHostBootstrapper sees as a fatal error. using (HttpWebResponse response = blobGetRequest.GetResponse() as HttpWebResponse) { using (Stream stream = response.GetResponseStream()) { int offsetInChunk = 0; int remaining = blockIdAndLength.Value; while (remaining > 0) { int read = stream.Read(buffer, publicoverridebool OnStart() { // Get the location of the AspNetTemp1GB resource Microsoft.WindowsAzure.ServiceRuntime.LocalResource aspNetTempFolder = Microsoft.WindowsAzure.ServiceRuntime.RoleEnvironment.GetLocalResource("AspNetTemp1GB");   //Instantiate the IIS ServerManager ServerManager iisManager = new ServerManager(); // Get the website. Check This Out

Initializing Role Onrolerun Returned Role Will Recycle

WaHostBootstrapper logsIf we check the C:\Resources folder we will see several WaHostBoostrapper.log.old.{index} files.  WaHostBootstrapper.exe creates a new log file (and archives the previous one) every time it starts up, so based To get all of the features I wanted I ended up writing my own BlobTransfer class which gives me the following benefits: Fast uploads and downloads by using parallel block blob The project will still build and deploy but it won’t update the diagnostics configuration.     To configure the diagnostics infrastructure logs in Azure SDK 2.5 you must remove that code This tutorial saved my day today 😉 Reply Nariman Haghighi says: July 7, 2014 at 8:13 pm Kevin, this is really something.

References : Windows Azure Role Architecture Comments (1) Cancel reply Name * Email * Website Paul says: November 7, 2013 at 10:26 am not even a reference to which SDK Working Directory = E:\plugins\RemoteForwarder And finally we see the last startup task executing before the host bootstrapper process exits: [00002068:00002012, 2013/08/26, 21:21:11.388, INFO ] Executing Startup Task type=0 rolemodule=(null) cmd="E:\approot\bin\StartupTasks\Startup.cmd" StatusCheck, Changed, etc) created here will be raised in this process.  Note that RoleEnvironment events will fire in both locations (WaIISHost and w3wp.exe) if you subscribe to events from both processes. One of the simplest tools is WebSitePulse.  Enter the URL and you will see statistics such as DNS resolution time, First Byte, Last Byte, and other performance statistics.  You can

A couple weeks go by and you start getting alerts from your monitoring service that your Azure hosted site is down. The advantage with this approach is that diagnostics agent and settings are decoupled from the project and can be dynamically enabled and updated even after your application is deployed.   Due This is a fairly common scenario and the first instinct is to naturally blame Azure/Microsoft (“Hey! Get size of std::array without an instance Is there any indication in the books that Lupin was in love with Tonks?

You should also validate that the role reaches the Ready state. Symptom You have deployed your Azure hosted service and it shows as Recycling in the portal.  But there is no additional information such as an Exception type or error message.  The Browsing to the local DIP in IE will result in more detailed error information: In this case we can see the following problem: Error Code    0x80070032 Config Error    The Sites were deployed.

"last Role Error: Exit Code - 0"

How can I set up a password for the 'rm' command? When looking at multiple log files, especially for role recycling scenarios, I typically find one point in time when I know the problem happened and use that consistent time period to Initializing Role Onrolerun Returned Role Will Recycle Reply Skip to main content Follow UsPopular TagsAzure Windows Azure Cloud Service ACS Service Bus Web Role Windows Azure Cache Azure SDK Cloud Services SB startup task IIS role busy Storage Azure Worker Role Logging WinDBG produces lots of output, but here are the more interesting pieces of information: Microsoft.WindowsAzure.ServiceRuntime Information: 100 : Role environment .

Below is my original reply, however it applies only if you're running a webrole. navigate here c.       Communicating role status to the fabric. Temp\.\RoleTemp - Host process logs Directory\.. - Folder for a as defined in the service model (.csdef).     D: - Windows (%SystemDrive%, %SystemRoot%, etc), agent logs D:\Packages\GuestAgent - Working Directory = E:\plugins\RemoteAccess [00002068:00002012, 2013/08/26, 21:21:11.122, ERROR] <- WapGetEnvironmentVariable=0x800700cb [00002068:00002012, 2013/08/26, 21:21:11.122, ERROR] <- WapGetEnvironmentVariable=0x800700cb [00002068:00002012, 2013/08/26, 21:21:11.122, ERROR] <- WapGetEnvironmentVariable=0x800700cb [00002068:00002012, 2013/08/26, 21:21:11.122, INFO ] Executing Startup Task type=0 Azure Portal

using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text;   using Microsoft.WindowsAzure; using Microsoft.WindowsAzure.StorageClient;   namespace ConsoleApplication1 { class Program { conststring ACCOUNTNAME = "ENTER ACCOUNT NAME"; conststring ACCOUNTKEY = "ENTER ACCOUNT A: The updates that are installed onto the new guest OS version are publicly available and thoroughly tested hotfixes which are also being deployed to servers around the world via Windows You will now see the results of the app agent heartbeat checks in real time. Check This Out Working Directory = E:\plugins\RemoteAccess <- GetDebugger=0x1 <- GetRoleHostDebugger=0x1 <- WapXmlReadContainerId=0x1 <- WapGetVirtualAccountName=0x1 Executing base\x64\WaWorkerHost.exe .

Switched from custom parallel transfer code to the built in BeginDownloadToStream and BeginUploadFromStream methods which provides better performance and more reliab Azure Info Hub Search Azure Services E-Books Whitepapers Tools Sign The exception message and callstack tell us that WaIISHost.exe was not able to find the Microsoft.Synchronization DLL when trying to load the role entry point class and running the code in For this particular issue I redeployed the application with Intellitrace turned on and was quickly able to get to the root cause.     Solution Typically once I think I have

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There is now an "Express Emulator" option available which mitigates this, but you are limited to one instance per role, and have to allow IIS to use a random high port. The host bootstrapper log starts off normally and we can see all of the startup tasks executing and returning with a 0 (success) return code. You are a life saver - after banging my head against the wall for hours in an tweak-deploy-test cycle, your clear instructions on the AzureTools and WinDbg led me to find Sites were deployed.

Browse other questions tagged c# iis azure azure-worker-roles or ask your own question. Typically when debugging a process you can just start WinDBG and go to File –> Attach to a Process and select the process from the list, but in this case WaIISHost.exe Stopping all roles. this contact form Working Directory = E:\plugins\Diagnostics [00002068:00002012, 2013/08/26, 21:21:09.825, ERROR] <- WapGetEnvironmentVariable=0x800700cb [00002068:00002012, 2013/08/26, 21:21:09.825, ERROR] <- WapGetEnvironmentVariable=0x800700cb [00002068:00002012, 2013/08/26, 21:21:09.825, INFO ] Executing Startup Task type=2 rolemodule=RemoteAccess cmd="E:\plugins\RemoteAccess\RemoteAccessAgent.exe" [00002068:00002012, 2013/08/26, 21:21:09.825, INFO

A: The load balancer will route new incoming TCP connections to instances which are in rotation.  The instances that are in rotation are either: Returning a 'Ready' state from the guest