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worked: 120 Learning Docker The attempt to build a Jenkins server using a pure shell-script approach, which worked for Ubuntu 14.04, is now problematic for 16.04 and in particular for current The attribute is optional, and the server can cope with its absence. Setting up a Carrot2 project in Eclipse IDE 4.3.4. So I tried to run it from Powercenter client using Workflow Manager.But it throwed this error PFA screen shotI have Administrative priveleges.I login and use the Powercenter as Administrator.I have all

Being logged with caroot account go to user profile management and see if domain user is listed there. Look in the HEALTH_BEAUTY8 directory for some sample code. With small matrix sizes, Lingo may not be able to discover smaller clusters. 5.7.2 Improving performance of STC Not yet covered, please contact us if you need this section. 5.8 Benchmarking The possible errors that each API method may encounter, and the status codes associated with them, may be found in the RealPresence® Platform  API reference documentation and the WADL documents. official site

La versión en inglés de este documento se considerará el documento regulador en relación con el producto de Polycom. Carrot2 Web Application results screen 4.1. In certain cases, you may get decent clustering results with document titles only, this variant is worth trying too.

A tradução é fornecida apenas para sua conveniência. For text classification components you may want to see the LingPipe project. Location of lexical resources 6.2. Carrot2 Document Clustering Workbench Event Details dialog 10.1.

As a result, the API client retrieves the Entity Tag (ETag) value from the initial HTTP GET . This may be useful, for example, to associate user-related values in a corporate Active Directory database with RealPresence DMA system VMRs, to more easily determine which VMRs a corporate user owns. Table5.1 Characteristics of Lingo and STC clustering algorithms FeatureLingoSTCk-means Cluster diversityHigh, many small (outlier) clusters highlightedLow, small (outlier) clusters rarely highlightedLow, small (outlier) clusters rarely highlighted Cluster labelsLonger, often more Provide a path to the transformation style sheet in the XSLT Stylesheet field in the Medium section.

They are not the same credentials used for inbound API requests. The benchmark view remembers the last result for each editor, so you can compare the performance figures by simply switching between the editors. DELETE Method The user can also be deleted with an HTTP DELETE request. This enables the consumer to use standard tools to implement a web server with strong typing.

As opposed to Lingo and STC, bisecting k-means creates non-overlapping clusters and does not produce the Other Topics group. This usually means the FileVaultMaster keychain could not be moved or replaced. Adding document sources to Carrot2 Web Application 7.3. a search engine) or documents provided directly as an XML stream and returns results in XML or JSON formats.

A versão em inglês deste documento deve ser considerada o documento vigente com relação ao produto Polycom. All API usage is tracked and the history will be retained in the system log files for future reference if necessary. There is no one clear answer to this question. No solution yet; we've rolled back the plugin release for the moment.

Den engelskspråklige utgaven av dette dokumentet skal anses som det gjeldende dokumentet i tilknytning til Polycom-produktet. Abbrechen Vereinbarung annehmen Se advierte que la traducción de este documento se ha generado de forma automática, por lo que el documento traducido puede contener errores y ser incoherente con la Choosing the clustering algorithm 5.3. navigate here You can perform the same HTTP GET  request using the RestClient plugin for FireFox instead of a web browser.

Copyright ©2016 Arcserve (USA), LLC and its affiliates and subsidiaries. When a resource is created, a location header is supplied that contains the URL to the created resource. Figure7.2 shows an example attribute set definition.

urn:com:polycom:api:rest:link-relations: start-conference-request Start Conference Request This Conference resource can start a conference that will be hosted by this Conference Room resource.

Carrot2 Online Demo: Carrot2 website: Table of Contents 1. This document assumes that the reader has a basic understanding of XML, JSON, and HTTPS, and is unfamiliar with REST. GMT+13:00 :: Auckland GMT+13:00 :: Fiji GMT+13:00 :: Nuku'alofa GMT+13:00 :: Tokelau Is. Figure4.7 Eclipse IDE Carrot2 project import step 1 In the Import projects dialog provide your local Carrot2 checkout directory in the Select root directory field.

Suffix Tree Clustering 12.5.13. Each subscription will be the responsibility of the cluster that received the subscription request. Subscription management The API Client can cancel the subscription by using a DELETE request on the subscription resource. his comment is here Attributes view's context menu 5.4.

If the ETag value exists in the body or in the  If-None-Match  header, and the values match the ETag of the server resource, then no representation is supplied in the HTTP The following is an example of the XML representation of a user object:  

HEALTH_MEDICINE6 A human readable title of the component, required. Please configure manually." \ --button1 "OK" fi if [ $output == 24 ]; then rm -rf /fdesetupTEMP.plist /Applications/Utilities/ msgbox --title "FileVault" \ --text "Sorry, had some trouble."\ --informative-text "Already enabled error. Minimize "noise" in the input documents. Link has some great stuff in there.

It then writes that variable to a plist file to import and enable FileVault with the -inputlist trigger. Subscription to lists When subscribing to a list, the list notification will not send full lists. I use the Filevault Key Redirect profile to get the individual recovery keys onto our JSS. Please configure manually." \ --button1 "OK" fi if [ $output == 12 ]; then rm -rf /fdesetupTEMP.plist /Applications/Utilities/ msgbox --title "FileVault" \ --text "Sorry, had some trouble."\ --informative-text "Parameter error.

If the ETag value exists in the body and/or in the If-Match  header, and the values match the ETag of the server resource, then the update can proceed. Would be easy to change it so the admin password is hardcoded. Example6.1 A sample stop word file for English: HEALTH_DENTISTRY3 # stop word file for English ain't thanks need needs needed vs hit Important Note that although words provided in the stop Posted: 3/10/15 at 12:14 PM by MarcosMunoz jesseshipley/nkalister - Would you kindly share your script or an example of it.

Carrot2 Document Clustering Server quick start screen 3.3. Carrot2 XML data formats 10.2.1. Not all relationship types are included here. For each component, the component suite defines the component's identifier, label, description and also a number of component- and application-specific properties, such as the list of example queries.

If a cluster's label matches one of the stop labels, the label will not appear on the list of clusters produced by Lingo. Use the Attributes view to set the desired attribute values.