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Profiling Apache Cpu Usage


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I do an apache restart nightly to flush this since I use user bins. I have a Xen VPS with 512 guaranteed ram and 512 swap on Centos 5.6 and Cpanel 11.28.87. I would try updating MySQL, as it sounds like your version might have a bug in it. Although it is a bit off topic, I wonder how bad a performance hit it is to rely on panels pulled from the db for display information?

Apache High Cpu Usage Problem

Bookmark the permalink. After i communicated the datacenter i understood that my VPS was swapping and eventually dieing after swap space was filled up too. "Top" showed me that there was 10 apache processes Hopefully this whole thing will be resolved once I get the new server up and running, but I've still got some obstacles to overcome before that can happen, and in the

If I'd known what to look for, the data this was sending me would have solved my mystery long ago! You can engage in Tomcat monitoring by gaining visibility into its performance (including hardware and CPU metrics, as well as memory usage) and troubleshoot performance down to the method and class level while Do some PHP profiling to see how much of an impact Panels is having. The web server is hitting a max number of concurrent requests and queuing additional requests until the active ones are complete. -- Dave Hansen-Lange Technical ManagerAdvomatic LLC Great White North Office

If your datacenter, NOC or provider might provide such services, since Apache shouldn't be using such high levels of memory on a machine for each process. Apache High Cpu Usage Php I did some more research in MPM Prefork. Need a better layout, so that blank space can be utilized Code Coverage Calculation - Seems to be including code in test methods Get size of std::array without an instance Word The load is quite possibly from excessive memory use (memory use leads to swap, which leads to slow I/O, which leads to high load), but unless you have a lot of

Not the answer you're looking for? As a side note we make heavy use of Panels on all the sites that we make and can always make the performance fast enough for our needs. Apache makes up the rest. Fortunately the site will be down for redesigning for a few days so i have some days to try to correct things hopefully with your help.

Apache High Cpu Usage Php

Newer Than: Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads More... Then you are not generated the whole page soup to nuts so often. Apache High Cpu Usage Problem Was Edward Snowden a Spy? Apache Slow By TarballX in forum Hosting Security and Technology Replies: 10 Last Post: 02-04-2007, 03:16 AM Apache 2.0.55 - CPU usage need help By Jcink in forum Hosting Security and Technology Replies:

I've enabled that, and here's what I see right now: 1.834125 secs RAM: 95.4MB RAM peak: 95.6MB Included 874 files Contexts for which filters were loaded: 0 Filters created: 0 Pieces news Our user sessions are pretty big (think 500kB per active user), so we had a lot of disk IO. At least, I infer that from apache's config:LoadModule php5_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/ One of the annoying things about this situation is I don't actually have root on the server, so when I try These show you the percentage of CPU time spent in either user processes or system. Apc Cache

Why can't the OR operation "||" replace the ternary operator "? :" in this JavaScript code? Open the snapshot and sort it by the Time (CPU) column.  Look for the first http-80-xx thread and expand it.  Ignore http-80-Poller threads which are waiting for new connections.   Also depending I'm afraid I don't seem to have that option. have a peek at these guys Moving the sessions into memcached took a lot of disk IO away (we were constantly using about 2MB/s of disk IO, which is very bad).

Here's this, if it helps:"""$ grep '^[^;].*cache' /etc/php5/apache2/php.inipdo_mysql.cache_size = 2000mysql.cache_size = 2000mysqli.cache_size = 2000session.cache_limiter = nocachesession.cache_expire = 180soap.wsdl_cache_enabled=1soap.wsdl_cache_dir="/tmp"soap.wsdl_cache_ttl=86400soap.wsdl_cache_limit = 5"""One of the reasons I'm working on upgrading is because I've read From this context users can see how business transactions execute through various Java components like SOAP, EJB, JDBC, JMS, CICS as well as remote calls cross JVM and CLR calls for This provide users with visibility of stack traces that are thrown when business transactions and user requests timeout or fail. Monitor Slow SQL and NoSQL QueriesTomcat Monitoring can also detect both SQL statement

Java Heap Usage and Garbage Collection The default Java Garbage Collector runs minor and major garbage collections.  Looking at the allocated heap below, there are lots of minor collections, and one major

FYI the cause of the following issue is thought to be the selection of a large number of features.  Still being investigating the Dekho configuration. There are some discussions about higher memory consumption with Prefork due to the fact that it launches more processes when there is a spike in traffic. We did do this initially, and found some performance problems, but rolling back those changes did not solve the problem, unfortunately. –Vegard Larsen Oct 6 '08 at 12:48 add a comment| Something like zabbix is straightforward to configure, and will let you monitor resource usage over time, such that if things get slow, you have historical baselines to compare against, and a

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