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Waitformultipleobjects Access Violation Reading Location


Its in a function called _Container_base12::_Swap_all –jhusk2 Oct 9 '11 at 23:27 add a comment| 1 Answer 1 active oldest votes up vote 0 down vote I solved the problem. Why can't the OR operation "||" replace the ternary operator "? :" in this JavaScript code? Thread: class of thread handling:#include "CThreadPoolBase.h class Thread: { public: Thread(CThreadPoolBase *pool=NULL):m_pool(pool){} ~Thread(){} ... If you're not using MFC, just look up non-blocking thread calls and/or synchronization methods for whatever your framework happens to be.

Is there a limit to the number of nested 'for' loops? Iteration can replace Recursion? Thanks for the help. share|improve this answer answered Jan 8 '13 at 15:15 Bo Persson 61k1380149 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google

Entercriticalsection Access Violation

I found out the error when studying the call stack. Read access violation2Unhandled exception: Corrupted heap and access violation reading memory location1Multithread Access violation reading location C++ Hot Network Questions What does this bus signal representation mean In how many bits c++ multithreading share|improve this question asked Jan 8 '13 at 14:58 Stefana Fratean 1447 I believe that means you are accessing a pointer that you previously freed. –drescherjm Jan What happened to Obi-Wan's lightsaber after he was killed by Darth Vader?

Permalink Posted 9-Mar-11 19:27pm Hans Dietrich323.6K Comments scu_sundy 10-Mar-11 0:40am stop here:25: m_pool->OnThreadFinished(this);and got this:Unhandled exception in .exe 0xC0000005 access violation Niklas Lindquist 10-Mar-11 7:32am Inspect Your for loop are always an infinite loop Why? int max = size(); if (max == 0) //Return false if there are no threads return false; for(int i=0;i

WaitForSingleObject(h, 30000); This code when called crashed on WaitForSingleObject() with Error, "Unhandled exception at 0x00000000 in RollbackPatientStationCPP.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000000.". Entercriticalsection Msdn more common way to say "act upon word or a promise" Is it possible to get a professor position without having had any fellowships in grad school? I don't know how to catch them. –user2284783 Apr 16 '13 at 3:34 add a comment| 2 Answers 2 active oldest votes up vote 3 down vote You have a default It has nothing to do with the multi-thread programming but because the key used in the encryption function is destroyed when any of the encryption function is finished within a thread.

asked 5 years ago viewed 411 times active 5 years ago Related 2“Access violation” error when running C++ program0Access violation error with ioStream2Access Violation In Multithreaded C Application2Access violation in Release Encyclopedia of mathematics (?) Shortest auto-destructive loop Did Malcolm X say that Islam has shown him that a blanket indictment of all white people is wrong? Niklas Lindquist 15-Mar-11 5:17am In your Thread class, make some pre- and post-condition checks in your functions. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Access violation reading location 0xba2f1498 up vote 0 down vote favorite I am coding a programming to watch folder.

Entercriticalsection Msdn

The memory access violation was caused by reading an empty encryption key:-) cheers Nov 14 '07 #2 reply Expert Mod 2.5K+ P: 4,675 sicarie Well, thanks for posting anyway, please feel more common way to say "act upon word or a promise" Help with a prime number spiral which turns 90 degrees at each prime What's the purpose of the same page Entercriticalsection Access Violation Remember max processes over XP is 64 process. Deletecriticalsection > 583 unsigned int WINAPI > 584 WalkStackThread(void* aData) > 597 while ((msgRet = ::GetMessage(&msg, (HWND)-1, 0, 0)) != 0) { > 598 if (msgRet == -1) { > 599

Format For Printing -XML -JSON - Clone This Bug -Top of page Home | New | Browse | Search | [help] | Reports | Product Dashboard Privacy Notice | Legal Terms when debugging using Visual Studio 2010 相关推荐/Related c++ - Unhandled exception / Access violation writing location in a Mutex example c++ - Unhandled exception at 0x777122D2 (ntdll.dll) in ArticxEngine.exe: 0xC0000005: Access Thank youfft.h#include #include #include #include #define NR_END 1#defin

James14k452104How the hell... Anyway, I think the problem is in working thread's code, but you see main thread waiting in WFMO, like it very well should be. –Dialecticus Oct 9 '11 at 22:42 1 Initializecriticalsection

What does Foo do (and how long will it take to do it)? How do manufacturers detune engines? If a question is poorly phrased then either ask for clarification, ignore it, or edit the question and fix the problem. check over here share|improve this answer edited May 12 '11 at 15:06 answered May 12 '11 at 14:51 James 14.9k456109 How the hell...

You also have mistake in char* Invalid = "()[]\;:,<>"; in your checking you used single back slash but to read single back slash you must have to put double back slash Your Email This email is in use. Browse other questions tagged c++ multithreading visual-studio-2010 winapi access-violation or ask your own question.

What is the most secured SMTP authentication type?

How do I prevent flight in a cyberpunk future? Convert a numeric string to number but without python's built in function Do you say prefix K for airport codes in the US when talking with ATC? Visit our UserVoice Page to submit and vote on ideas! I find it in: link.

Treat my content as plain text, not as HTML Preview 0 … Existing Members Sign in to your account ...or Join us Download, Vote, Comment, Publish. You need to read the error log, or post it here. more hot questions question feed lang-cpp about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Hence if Foo() was written as follows : DWORD WINAPI Foo(LPVOID pvParam){ //Do some work here.

c++ multithreading winapi critical-section waitformultipleobjects share|improve this question edited May 12 '11 at 15:19 Doug T. 41.6k1694167 asked May 12 '11 at 14:49 Eilidh 62631138 1 Note: by convention, thread Browse other questions tagged c++ c winapi violation readdirectorychangesw or ask your own question. I am using several threads to compute different parts of a mandelbrot set. drawing a regular hexagon Centering equations under align Why the pipe command "l | grep "1" " get the wrong result?

You set the 3rd parameter to 0 (FALSE) such that the main thread unblocks as soon as any of the 10 threads finishes. Make a suggestion Dev centers Windows Office Visual Studio Microsoft Azure More... CRITICAL_SECTION score_mutex; EnterCriticalSection(&score_mutex); LeaveCriticalSection(&score_mutex); InitializeCriticalSection(&score_mutex); DeleteCriticalSection(&score_mutex); Update 2 The threads return 0 as per convention (It's been a long week!) I tried adding back in the mutex-related code, and the program Thanks for helping me look in a different direction!