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Delphi Xe3 Access Violation


So, the original code, while confusing, is indeed compilable. A bit, a nibble or byte? The other way around is also a problem: if you pass a memory reference created by the host application's memory manager to the DLL, and the DLL stores it beyond the Actually, we do not care about exact value, but rather about if it is small or large. "Small values" are something like $00000000, $0000000A or $00000010. this content

Lib2 := GetModuleHandle('MyDll.dll'); Proc := GetProcAddress(Lib2, 'MyProc'); // нет проверки на ошибку. Функции может не быть - тогда Proc будет равна nil Proc; // Proc может быть равна nil - будет function LoadSVRDLL: string; var sFile: string; begin try sFile := 'MYLIB.DLL'; SVRDLLHandle := LoadLibrary(PChar(sFile)); if SVRDLLHandle <> 1 then raise Exception.Create('Error ...'); @Uno := GetProcAddress(SVRDLLHandle,'Uno'); @Dos := GetProcAddress(SVRDLLHandle,'Dos'); result := 'OK'; Could such a curse render all money worthless? Today when I open my project (in Win 7) it crashes with "Error creating form: Access violation...

Access Violation At Address In Module Read Of Address Delphi

How do I find where in the application 00405F7C is? TIA, Craig "Peter Below" wrote in message news:708526 at forums dot embarcadero dot com... And I had to look more than 10 minutes at it, in order to see the AV that happened there. If you are using an exception diagnostic tool, such as EurekaLog, then there would be a bug-report instead of usual error message.

Works now. Odd that it completed the run, displayed the correct triangle for the given number of rows and even allowed me to save it, and then came up with an Access violation Client is running it on Server 2008 RS2 T/S. Delphi 7 Find Error Indeed, indeed.

try if FClasses.Find(ClassName, Index) then begin ClassItem := FClasses.Objects[Index] as TClassRegistryItem; ClassItem.Free; FClasses.Delete(Index); end; finally FLock.UnlockList; end; end; TIA, Craig "Peter Below" wrote in message news:708738 at forums dot embarcadero If Go to Address is greyed out, check that you have all the debugging info options turned on. –MartynA Jun 22 at 10:58 There is also find error command My advice would be to simply not call FreeLibrary. Client is running it on Server 2008 RS2 T/S.

Close the app and crash. Jcldebug I added the DBX files that call the UnregisterClass, swapped the order around, tried about 50 different variations. Any ideas on what is going on. This should find it if the exception is in your application and not in some related module like a .DLL it is using.

Delphi Access Violation At Address 00000

Sent the files to my client to test and it randomly crashes on the FreeLibrary call. The same project loads and builds fine in XE3. Access Violation At Address In Module Read Of Address Delphi Groetjes, Bob Swart -- 27 ... Delphi Find Error However if I add a node at runtime and export them I get: "Access Violation at address 00405772 in module 'Project1.exe'.

These DLL worked for over 10 years on large numbers of machines. news Application, which raises an exception. if Str.Count > 0 then // Mistake! Read of address 00000000 generally indicates you are using a pointer that has a nil value. Madexcept

The point is that such errors are very dangerous, because they may go unnoticed, even more than that - they can destroy the stack, so that you can not get the It seems to be an issue with XE2. - Craig "Markus Humm" wrote in message news:709019 at forums dot embarcadero dot com... That is why one should never pass (or require) types that are Delphi-specific, like dynarrays, strings, etc. have a peek at these guys The menu item is enabled once the application is running in the IDE and stopped at a breakpoint.

Or when if I try to load the file is says is not found (which does exist), gives another access violation, shows the file (but not the associated form). How To Fix Access Violation At Address Reply to this Thread Search Forum Back to Thread List Replies: 12 - Last Post: Sep 14, 2016 6:36 AM Last Post By: Steven Wiberg Antony Lewis Posts: 2 Registered: Antony Lewis wrote: I just got Seattle, and used it OK for about half a day.

If so: can there be an invalid index here?

I managed to find the error, when I import or export I create another form dynamically that has a progressbar on it. Today I want to discuss it, its reasons and how to deal with it. Sometimes it also helps if you compile with Debug DCUs. Eurekalog Thank you for your reply Ken.

in module rtl230.bpl.. If your application has obtained a memory reference (string, object reference, interface reference, basically anything that refers to memory created by the DLL's memory manager) that reference would be invalid after I Hope this helps! check my blog I had used code from the net that I used to find the Windows logged in user - this is it: function GetThisComputerName: string; var CompName: PChar; maxlen: cardinal; begin maxlen